The Trinity Of Brexit

July 18, 2019


(especially for snowflakes form right-wing bunch) My art is a form of expression. This expression is part of free speech based on my observations, and my opinions and I reserve full right to hold them as your fellow human being. I'm not persuading anyone about the truthfulness of my views, I'm just expressing them. Additionally, before anyone accuses me of being leftie Marxist, Neo-Marxist, communist, please keep in your mind, that I inherited very strong dislike (bordering with hate) towards communism after hearing all 1st-hand stories from my mum, who, when asked whether she will join (literal translation "step into")  Communist party, she bravely replied that she would rather "step into" a shit, because she could wash that off. Lastly, I'm not part of any metropolitan elite, I'm registered as a lodger in a tiny council flat in a forgotten part of UK- Midlands. Forgotten by British government, not the EU. 



I didn't want to be political, especially in current divisive settings but I'm afraid I can't control it anymore. I can't think of anything else, I can't do anything else, I can't create anything else unless I get this out of my system. 
It all started 3 years ago with a sharp slap of disappointment in the early morning of 24th of June. I was expecting Brexit (or something similar since 2014 EU election) but I was not expecting the sudden disappointment, so I was quite shocked. When people were asking me about the referendum before the referendum, I could not give a clear answer.  I thought that yes, there are some issues with the EU as an institution, and at that time, my major problem was with TTIP.  But at the same time, I could see the value of EU cooperation. I could not imagine how it would work for the UK, as everything is connected. I was working in logistics, in the positions where I could see the connections and benefits of the customs unions. Everyone was talking about deal and cooperation, continuity of free movement, but I was cautious not to believe everything, especially when it came from very dubious characters. I didn't have time to dig deeper, I couldn't make a properly informed opinion, I could not I pushed it on the side, and I was satisfied with the fact, that I'm not eligible for that vote anyway. I understood the complexity and I was glad that I didn’t have to make a decision, therefore I cannot judge those who decided, whether it was the right decision or not. 
First, I could cope with this disappointment, I never showed it to other was just like a little itch I could scratch by one-way arguing and shouting at some LBC presenters and callers in the privacy of my home. But within the last 3 years a lot has come out  and a lot has changed (NHS is not gonna get the cash which was promised, value of sterling sunk to the record lows, Cambridge Analytica thingy, Leave campaign funding fraud, project fear turning to project reality, the inability to get promised easiest deals, inability of certain people in top positions professionally conduct themselves, to plan and grasp detail, providing democracy by suspending democracy...)  and this little itch developed into full-blown rush and eczema. Little scratching developed into a weird form of self-harm. 
Self-harm for me by watching and listening to the Trinity Of Brexit and their apostles but I have to listen to the other side however untruthful it is and however furious the lies make me. You need to know what you are up against, otherwise, you end up hating all EU laws and from which you can't even name single one which is directly affecting you... Mental self-harm for me by looking at their faces and drawing them, creating detailed portraiture of them when I'd rather throw a milkshake at them. And before someone will call Police, I declare here and now that the only milkshake I will ever throw will be in direction of the rubbish bin only.  And it's unseen self-harm for the nation believing The Trinity Of Brexit or in them. The fact was replaced by faith. The truth was replaced by opinion. The party was replaced by the cult. The expertise was replaced by propaganda. Diplomacy was replaced by volume. And the value and trust of British institution and leadership are about to be replaced by the hollow narcissistic brand to be sold as laughing stock for the globe.


Look closer at my vision

The first written and detailed plan and vision for Britain's future by Boris Johnson, future PM:



Anything this member of Brexit Holly Trinity says, I see as equal to outcome of Culus.


This mad member of The Trinity Of Brexit is clown and should not be taken seriously. Lies, hypocrisy and constantly applying double standards  depending on needs if his ideology and reviving rhetoric and action of certain party before WW2. 



 To see or exhibit originals/ purchase prints, contact Theartbay Gallery


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The Trinity Of Brexit

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