Sproodle Doodle as tool for expression, contribution and communication

November 20, 2018

I'm a visual thinker. Before I say something, I see the object or topic in my head. I can see the color, shape, shading, depth, dimensions, movement, connections- the whole network of related topics or objects and deployment within this complicated 3D network. Sometimes, the image comes static like a photograph, sometimes it's like a flash-speed presentation of photos and sometimes, it is like a movie with sound. If the object or topic is too abstract, I can see words spelled out in my head ( usually in Times New Roman or similar old serif family- don't ask me why, I don't know, I would prefer sans serif). And sometimes I don't even know what I'm seeing. The closest thing similar to my experience in my head for you to see is probably project form 2007 - Universe* by Jonathan Harrison. On one side, it's awesome having your own visual 3D search engine in your head- automatically connecting all the dots into a bigger picture. You never get bored, because you are continually browsing, altering the network with new info, adding connections, adding visuals... But it becomes challenging when you want to say or share your position on something in conversation, meanwhile, all these images are coming at you at the same time and you cannot find adequate words to describe what you see. Or, you don't have sufficient time to make sense form all those connections and filter out the appropriate images for 'translation' within a split of the second when you are expected to promptly come with a response. And if you are bilingual, the fun is more intense, because you have two or more sets of vocabularies to choose from.  It ends up in situations, where I cannot get the right point across, I'm mixing ideas, going off the topic and sometimes I can't even finish the sentence. So if I can, I keep my thoughts to myself and listen, rather than talk. It is beneficial for learning but when it comes to functioning in the real world, I can come across as shy, quiet, cold and uninterested. That could be translated as a lack of opinion, self-esteem, and cognition which is not very helpful when you want to build a successful career in today's corporate world or trying to maintain good relationships with other people. And if I can't do that- what else is there? To try something different- to show it with my work and actions.  

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