Solo Walks

  • Dogs, just like people have different personalities, life experiences, and different reactions to other animals, people, sounds, smells... Not every dog is trained or socialized well and that can cause issues when walking in a group. My aim is to provide a personal service,  find out and avoid triggers, and build a bond. The best way to do that is to walk solo where full attention is being paid to the dog and surroundings. The welfare and happiness of your dog is my priority. It's about the quality of the walk rather than trying to walk as many dogs as possible to maximize profit. 

  • I'm willing to walk more dogs but they must be from the same household. Maximum of 3 dogs. 

  • Big breeds, anxious dogs, rescues, and reactive dogs are welcome.

Sproodle Doodle Style: 

  • I would recommend 1st meeting (free of charge and any obligations) where I would like to meet your dog, take him/her for a walk, ideally with you to see the temperament of your pooch, level, and style of interaction, to chat about your dog's likes and dislikes, any special needs, dietary requirements, routines and so on.

  • We all know dogs see this world with their nose, they like to sniff, that's their thing it stimulates their brains and I don't mind waiting for them to do their thing because it's their walk, not mine. However, I'll be watching closely what they are sniffing or might try to eat/drink.

  • I like to walk and not to be dragged so if there are any problems with pulling on the lead or reactive behavior I will be practicing some basic training to provide some mental exercise and to improve communication and focus. 

  • Often I find that I smell of dog treats. That's because I always have a few treats in one of my many pockets. I believe in positive reinforcement and training when the dog feels that he or she is safe. 

  • I track all my walks so you will receive the map of the location, the time I spend with your dog, and miles walked.

  • As dog owners, we all know that we never have enough photos of our darlings so let me fill this gaping hole. After every walk, you will receive photos of your dog during the walk. Some of them worth of pro photoshoot. 

! Warning ! 


If you will be using my name to let your dog know that I'm on my way, you might not be able to use that name in any other daily life situation without ramdomly triggering your dog.


  • 30 minutes £5

  • 60 minutes £10 

  • no charge for 1st meeting

  • no  extra charge for big breeds, anxious or reactive dogs


  • I will not transport your dog to a different location, I will walk in your local area, looking for fields, greens, parks, woods with plenty of different smells. Dogs like routines and if you have one with your dog, I'm the right person to follow that on daily basis to decrease any anxiety or behavior problems. 

  • Locations I cover: Trentham, Barlaston, Blurton, Newstead, Dresden, Florence, Fenton, Longton, Heron Cross

  • I'm willing to drive further but I would have to charge for travel expenses.

If you are interested in my services, please get in touch by sending an email or through social media. I prefer to keep my phone number to myself at this point.