The process for commissions:


1. You initiate contact with me through my contact page or email me: with following:  


          What you want (photo, requested size, color)

          When you want it


2. There might be an exchange of a few emails until we agree on all aspects: quote, deposit, color, extra photos, size, deadline...


3. You might wait as I might have some jobs queuing already and I work on “first come first serve” basis.


4. Once I know when I will be free to complete your order, I will send you Invoice for deposit.


5. Once the deposit is paid, I start with the drawing.


6. During the process, I will be emailing you updates with photos of the progress.


7. Once the piece is done and you are happy with it, I will send you an invoice for the rest of the agreed price.


8. Once the payment is received, I will ship the piece to you.

9. The copyrights for the piece remain with me and I’m reserving my right to use the picture for marketing of my services. If you want to buy the copyright for the piece, it can be arranged for extra cost.  

Dotted (stippled) portraits of animals and people on paper

Sproodle Doodle works using ecological refillable high precision technical Rotring Isograph pens with waterproof, high-density of pigment Isograph inks. Depending on the type and size of the picture, composition, detail, a number of objects, and background, the processing time will vary.  Usually, one subject + no background on A3 can take about 15 to 20 hours. A lot of time but I love it. You can choose white ink on a black background or black ink on a white background.     

Dotted (stippled) portraits of pets and people on canvass

When using canvass, due to the uneven surface, Sproodle Doodle works with markers. Unlike Rotring Isograph pen, markers are not refillable, and the tip of the marker gets damaged after a period of time in use. This reflects in higher pricing as well as the cost for canvass is higher than the paper.


I am willing to travel but my expenses will have to be met by the client. Travel expenses depend on the distance and the type of transport. Currently, I live in the UK ( Midlands)  and I can drive, however, I cannot fly or swim long distances, therefore the travel cost will have to be covered by the client. Accommodation expenses depend on the location and duration of the work. I do not require top standards but I’m also not without standards and I value my privacy. If you have any questions regarding extra expenses, my requirements, duration get in touch and we can talk about it in more detail. 


A good photo is essential. If you want a good portrait, you need to provide a good photo as I can draw only what I see. I mean I can draw from imagination but that is not portrait commission. Any design elements will be charged extra. When taking a photo, think of lighting, the pose, background, what is typical for the person or pet, what do you want to highlight or hide...



25% of the overall price, non-refundable.

I am professional and I do not work for free, exposure or for opportunities to add another piece to my portfolio. I cannot pay tax with the exposure. My bills are not paid by showing my portfolio off and if I would tell cashier in a shop to give me food for free, but in exchange for the opportunity that I will spread the word so they can get more customers, they would laugh at me. You wouldn’t expect your cleaner, mechanic, builder, hairdresser, dentist, work for free or exposure so do not expect that form your artist/designer. The deposit serves for me as a filter to “filter out” people who are not serious about paying me for my time and skill.


Cancellation after starting work on your piece

If you wish to cancel your order after I have started your portrait, none of the deposit is refundable due to time I spend communicating with you, general admin work, the time I spend drawing the piece and the cost of material.


Changes to portrait

Once the piece is finished I will email you an image of the piece when you will have a chance to comment whether you are requiring some minor changes or you are happy.


Changes after shipping

Once you have received your piece, you have 7 days to contact me for any changes they require. You must meet the costs of shipping the piece back to me and I will email you a photo of the piece with the changes completed. 


Damage in transit

In the unlikely event that the piece is damaged in transit, you must send me photos of the packaging by email immediately. The piece shall be returned to me for repair or replace at no additional costs. You are responsible for shipping cost back to me.


Commercial use

If you want me to draw something that would be used commercially, if you want any copyrights, please contact me for a quote.