What is Sproodle Doodle? 

Project / Tool

To do what?




To play, explore, learn,share.

To stay sane

To connect

To make living

Project / Tool

I’m a visual thinker and quite quiet due to the constant struggle to verbally express my ideas, emotions, and views to the full extent if required. It feels like the spoken word itself is not enough, or not the only device for me, ergo I was always pulled to the visual tools of communication.  

Stippling is a process which takes a lot of time, so I’m using this opportunity to listen to various books, podcasts, talks, discussions, and documentaries to explore and learn about different topics, opinions, current issues.....the internet is oyster. 


When I start dotting, the curtains get closed. Some days, the curtains stay closed the whole day.  I unwind, and the world seizes to exist. The pen transforms into an extension of my hand. I shift into that pen. I become that dotting. I become the creator of my own experience. 

I don’t care what age, gender, color, size, shape, nationality, religion, or status... you are. Diversity is a strength and all of us live on the same boat called Earth. So if you like what you see, if you can relate to what you read, if you want to challenge something, constructively criticize, recommend, propose, ask, discuss, commission... get in touch.

Everyone needs to pay the bills 


Why Sproodle Doodle?

sproodle doodle

Do what you love and love what you do.

Sheldon is a 5-year-old cross of springer spaniel and poodle- sproodle. He is my world, my universe, my everything and :

  • he is too awesome for the world not to know about him

  • I would be selfish to keep him to myself

  • he is better looking one :). 

When concept and name  Sproodle Doodle was born, I was not working with the dots as much as I do now, therefore the use of Doodle made perfect sense. But in the last two years, I’ve found a piece of mind in dotting, finding my artistic style and voice. But Sproodle Stippling is not as neat, hence Sproodle Doodle it is.